Thursday, May 03, 2007

More On Chickens And Eggs

Almost a year ago, in a post with the title On Chickens, I wrote about the 'sport' of cockfighting, which is still legal in the State of Louisiana. This is now something of a legal anomaly. Recently, New Mexico, the only other State where this activity was legal, outlawed it.

The banning of cockfighting was debated by the Louisiana State Legislature last year. The motion to ban the activity was defeated on the grounds that it would have too severe a negative impact on rural economies. This issue has come up again in this years session.

It seems that this year that the outcome may be different. According to today's Daily Advocate a House panel has agreed to a ban on cockfighting, beginning in 2008. The ban will not come into force immediately, so as to provide time from people employed in this activity to find alternative employment.

What is truly amazing is that it has taken Louisiana until 2008 to ban an activity that was banned in England and Wales in 1849. I guess we are catching up slowly. Now poultry will only have to fear Ronald McDonald's McNugget tycoons and the evil Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Rodent fame. If things continue at this rate though, Louisiana can anticipate a sensible State Health Service by 2168, or so. I am happy for the chickens that run in the streets of my neighbourhood though. I am sure that they would be celebrating, if they were not such bird brains!

As this post is rapidly degenerating, I will close with another good bit of news. At long last, there appears to be an answer to the perennial question of which came first, the chicken, or the egg. It appears that the answer is...[drum roll] the egg! Although the matter is still contentious, it is now widely believed that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs (Creationists and other nut jobs may tune out at this point). Give that it is known that dinosaurs laid eggs, it follows that the egg must have come before the chicken! Of course, this leaves the more interesting question of which came first, the dinosaur, or the egg...

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