Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mayor Ray Nagin's iPod

Some time ago, I came across a rather silly game which goes by the name of 'iPod'. The basic idea behind the game is that a certain person is nominated and then the goal is to figure out the top listened to tunes that would be on that person's iPod. Although this is not too sophisticated a game, it can be quite fun and presents plenty of opportunities for humor. It seems to be broadly based on the 'Celebrity Playlists' feature of the iTunes music store, although I am sure that the idea is actually much older than this.

Late in 2005, after hurricane Katrina, I came up with something similar, although I had not heard of the game at that point. I was looking for a selection of music to play while driving into New Orleans. The way I thought about it then, was to wonder what Mayor Ray Nagin might have on his iPod.

Now, Nagin is an equivocal figure. On the one hand, he was one of the few politicians who actually tried to get things moving after the storms, rather than dithering and indulging in photo opportunities, as did folks like Bush. I particularly enjoyed listening to Nagin totally loosing it and yelling, when phoning into a live radio show. Some of this can be heard on a YouTube video that is located here (the section is about three mins. and a thirty seconds in). His speech was blunt and littered with curse words, which seemed entirely appropriate in the context. On the other hand, since the time of that crisis, and especially since his re-election, Nagin has done a dreadful job leading the New Orleans reconstruction efforts. For this reason, it is hard to quite know what to make of Nagin.

Whatever we think of Nagin though, he is a fun person to play 'iPod' with. Now that iPods can also play videos, though the magic of YouTube, we can even simulate an iPod video version of the game (N.B. JavaScript needs to be enabled for the videos to run properly.) Here we go;

1) Like a Hurricane, by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

2) When The Levees Break, by Led Zeppelin.

3)Refugee, by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Enjoy the Tunes. Remember the Victims.

The CP


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