Sunday, April 29, 2007

Exhausted, Happy

Well, I got home eventually. Lafayette was quite hard to leave. Festival International was beyond wonderful. Yesterday, I got to see our State Governor grooving out to a band. Today, was superb too.

I am more than tired. However, I am also more than happy. I had a fabulous weekend. To top things off, I ran into a very old, close and wonderful friend, while in Lafayette. This was an unexpected surprise. We spent some time chatting, the result of this chat is that we should have a joint paper soon. As a real academic, I love research and publishing. This is an excellent and exciting project.

Thus, over and above sunburn and fatigue, Festival International was also an excellent place to come across a meeting of minds. I really hope that I will feel rejuvenated enough tomorrow to perform well in my classes. As they say in Lafayette, "Laisser Les Bon Temps Rouler!". Je dis "D'accord!"

The CP


Anonymous ToastedSuzy said...

Jeez! You've been having fun!

Good for you!


11:53 AM  

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