Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr. Murphy And A Hiatus

Well, Mr. Murphy, of 'the Law' fame hit big time in Combat Philosopher land today. It seems that my regular net connection is playing up. Thus, this is being submitted via a very retro feeling dial up connection! It is quaint and very slow, but a pain.

Tomorrow, I leave for a little road trip. I will be going up the road to attend Festival International in Lafayette, after class tomorrow. As I will be staying with friends, I am not too sure what the Internet access situation may be, so there may be a gap in posts here until next week. I will actually have to dash home to teach one more class, but if the net situation is not good, then that will only give enough time to catch up on e-mail.

I attended Festival International last year and it was beyond amazing! This year, I have made arrangements so that I can attend the whole thing. I strongly urge you to check out the web site above, to see what incredible acts from all over the world will be playing. What is better yet, is that I have discovered that the Festival will now be broadcast live over the Internet. If you go to http://krvs.org, you can find a live feed from the Festival from Thursday evening onwards. You might give it a try. That way you can hear and share some of the tunes that The Combat Philosopher will be enjoying. Even if that is not an incentive, you might still want to tune in to hear some excellent music. Enjoy!

The CP


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