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Today if the first of May. This is the traditional date of the feast of Beltane. This is a feast that is popular in Celtic regions of the world. It marks the beginning of Summer. There are many various traditions associated with it. Perhaps the best known of these is the Maypole. Obviously, there is quite a phallic component to this icon of the festival. Beltane is also one of those feasts that is often celebrated with fire. So, I hold up a light and light a candle.

In more modern times, the first of May also became the day to celebrate organized labor and trades unionism. Unfortunately, this is an association that has lost much of it's currency, at least in the US, due to the comparative weakness of the trades union movement. Originally, the date was chosen to celebrate the Haymarket martyrs of 1886. These individuals were crucial to the establishment of the eight hour work day.

Unfortunately, at this time of the semester, professors can only dream of eight hour work days. To everyone else involved in the final 'big push' towards the end of the semester, I wish you luck too. Perhaps you would also care to light a candle?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, am I to assume that professors survive this stressful period by drinking lots of coffee and popping No Dose?

Fire is one of several unusual things associated with Beltane.

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