Friday, April 27, 2007

Angelique Kidjo

Well the high point of today at Festival International was a performance by Angelique Kidjo. Visit the web site. You can hear sound samples. It was an amazing set, although early on there appeared to be a few technical difficulties. These were fixed rapidly.

A real bonus came from the fact that Kidjo was selling her new CD. It has not been officially released yet. It comes out in a few days, but the Festival seems to have managed to get a few advanced copies. What was even better was that Kidjo was prepared to sit by the side of stage and sign both CDs and posters. While waiting, the Combat Philosopher made some comments, that Kidjo overheard. She accused me of being a philosopher. Curious. She still signed my CD.

Tomorrow will be an early run back home to go teach. Hopefully, the Gods of the nasty Interstates will be willing and I will be able to get back to Lafayette for more Festival. Lafayette is clearly a fun town. Festival International is an excellent event. Please try to listen at From what I have seen so far, there is very little danger of being disappointed.

The CP


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