Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crawfish Boil

As all grades are in, we are now in the transitional period of the end of the semester. We get e-mails from students complaining about grades. There are events honoring various folks and there are other events that celebrate the end of the spring. This evening was one of the latter kind of event.

One of the wonderful traditions in my part of Louisiana is the Crawfish Boil. I attended one today. The crawfish were plentiful and spicy. The beer was cold. Unfortunately, the band was bad, so they were ignored. However, it is just a wonderful thing to hang out with a few people one knows and a larger bunch of people that one will get to know and eat crawfish.

For those readers who have never eaten crawfish, they are a little like small lobsters, although they live in fresh water. When boiled they go red. To eat them, there is no way to do it politely. Hands are the only way to go. After tearing off the head, the trick is to peel off the first band of the shell and then pull the tail out and eat it. They taste fabulous! They are traditionally served with cobs of corn and potatoes, boiled in the spiced water.

Should you ever have the chance to eat boiled crawfish, I would recommend the experience. However, I am certain that it is best done in Louisiana!

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