Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Philosopher For Hire'

Once every now and again, a student will do something that is so ridiculous and funny that one can do nothing, but laugh like a drain. Today, one of these incidents arose.

Like many cities and towns, our town has a free publication which is full of small ads. People pay a smallish fee to announce garage sales, advertise things they want to sell, announce properties for sale, or rent, and the like. Our version of this publication also provides a section where employers can look for employees and potential employees can announce their availability. The next edition of this publication will contain, in the 'Jobs' section, the following announcement;

Philosopher for Hire. Can speak on the subjects of Metaphysics, Epistemology and Existentialism. Contact [Student's Name] at xxx-xxxx for details.

If you have ever wondered what philosophy majors do upon graduation, do not be fooled, this is a very far from typical strategy. I will be fascinated to see what, if any, responses the student gets to this advertisement.

This is a student who has something of a track record of doing this kind of thing. Several semesters ago, notices started to appear around the campus announcing a 'Beet Eating Contest', to be held at a certain time and place on campus. The announcement also mentioned a cash prize. On the appointed day, around twenty people showed up, willing to demonstrate their beet eating prowess. One of these individuals was the prankster. After a while, folks realised that they had been had.

When in the dog days of a semester, having characters like this around really livens the place up. I am going to be sorry when this individual graduates. They certainly have succeeded in making my life richer.

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Anonymous viagra online said...

It reminds me of mu times in high school. We had a school paper where we published gossips in the school. It was very funny.

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