Sunday, July 22, 2007

British Flooding

On my travels, I find myself in the UK at the moment. I am staying in a small village in Oxfordshire. Unfortunately, this means that I am staying in the heart of the area that has been subject to all the flooding. Fortunately, the village I am staying in is quite high up, several hundred feet above the river Thames and the other rivers that have been causing all the problems.

Although I am not directly influenced by the floods where I am staying, indirectly things are more problematic. A town 4 miles away has over 400 houses under water. Also, all the roads are closed. This is a pain, as this is an important center of population in these parts. I had hoped to go to Oxford tomorrow, but that does not look feasible. Several rivers may burst their banks tonight and make any journey impossible. To make matters worse, more rain is predicted for tomorrow.

The attitude that people are taking about all this is quite interesting. It is probably best described as being 'laconic'. I am just hoping that enough things get sorted out by Tuesday, so that I can have the important research meeting that is planned for that day. With the roads and train in chaos, getting to London could prove quite exciting. Again, we shall have to see what happens.

I will be back to regular blogging, hopefully, by the end of next week. Of course, this is assuming that I can find a way to get to the airport, though all the water. I'm sure that things should be fine. The big message here though is that despite all the hysteria on the TV, although things are quite bad, they could be a lot worse. Nobody has been killed by the water just yet. Compared to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this is nothing. Although some places are in a bad way, even though I am sitting in the center of the flood 'blast zone', things are still pretty much OK.

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Anonymous Clampett said...

Hows that for 'global warming'.

Bad jokes aside, we should lament those who were harmed here.

They do not deserve to have their lives fucked up by water,...of all things.

5:45 AM  

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