Monday, June 25, 2007

Writing And Code Hacking

Posts have been getting a bit scarce around this blog of late. Sorry about that. The reasons are pretty simple to explain. With my computer unreliable after the lightening strike, several on going projects fell behind. I have been working on catching up.

There have been two main tasks that I have been concentrating on. The first concerned the research puzzle, that I have mentioned here before. Eventually, I was able to figure out a solution to the difficulties I had run into. Basically, by looking at some slightly older work, I can still provide a theoretical justification for the more technical research. I have already started writing the paper up and the prose is flowing very smoothly. I guess sometimes a bit of a break from work can actually produce beneficial results. It is looking like this is going to turn into an excellent paper.

The other big project concerns hacking HTML code. Some time ago, I discovered that a good friend of mine is running for an elected office. He is an excellent fellow. In addition, he is running against a local politician who is a profound buffoon. I really dislike this latter guy, as in his previous post, he sold out his constituents. Thus, I offered to build the campaign web site for my friend.

It has been a while since I have done a major bit of HTML code hacking. I had forgotten how easy it was and also how much plain tedium is involved. However, I am very happy with the way that the web site is shaping up. It is now about half done.

So, for the next few days, things here may remain a little sparse, until I can get at least the web site project under control. I hope that, in at most a couple of days, things will be back to normal. Thanks to all the folks who keep visiting this blog, even though I have not been posting too much. Your loyalty is appreciated!

The CP


Anonymous Maiden said...

After you get caught up with your projects, CombatPhil, maybe I can interest you in participating in the Bloggers on Torture Project:


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