Sunday, July 08, 2007

On The Road, Off The Air

Tomorrow, I begin my travels for this Summer. For this reason, this blog will be 'going dark' until the end of the month. When I travel, I have a bad habit of going to obscure and somewhat quirky places. These are the places I like. Unfortunately, one consequence of this is that Internet access can be somewhat hit, or miss. I suspect that this will happen on this trip too. So, check back late this month and I should be back on-line. If I get lucky, I may be able to post on my travels, but there are no guarantees.

As always seems to be the case before hitting the road, things have been hectic the last few days, as I have been getting ready. The web site I have been working on went 'live' today. Unfortunately, last night a code crisis arose. I was up until 4am fixing it, but it all worked out well.

There has also been all the last moment academic stuff. There is a conference proposal that is due on the 15th of this month. It took a fair bit of effort, but that got done too. I am pretty happy with it, also. Let's hope that it is accepted. In addition, there is also the mundane domestic stuff: paying bills, arranging cat sitters, getting laundry done. Of course, there was also the obligatory out-of-the-blue last moment, but crucial paperwork that suddenly had to be done. This is now all completed.

Today has been a day of organization and packing. I am fortunate in so much as I was taught to pack by an expert. Indeed, I have even packed for expeditions. My bags are packed and I am ready for the off. So, I will wave all you blog readers a fond farewell, until I return. I hope that you have fun. I will try to, also.

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Blogger Tim Lacy said...


I'm glad to hear that you enjoy visiting obscure and quirky places. Last year during our own summer trip, my wife and I visited the World's Largest Hand-dug Well in Greensburg, KS. Yes, that very same Greensburg that was devastated by a tornado this past spring.

- TL

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