Thursday, December 28, 2006

More APA...Report From The Trenches

Well, a hard day talking to job candidates. Some were good, but not suitable for us. Some were horrific. A few were very interesting. I hope that they all manage to find jobs. I hope that we can find someone good to hire.

The first 'smoker' was this evening. There were a few changes from previous years. There seem to be fewer beards (thank goodness). Also, it seems that more people are now wearing suits. Some time ago, most job candidates wore suits and ties, whereas others did not. This has now changed. It was a fun event though. I got to see many old friends. I am glad that it is over.

It seems that there is 'big gossip'. A well known individual apparently recently claimed that they were leaving academia. Instead, they would be concentrating on a career in acting and screen writing. Knowing this person's work a little bit, it seems that fiction writing should not be too new to them, although admitting it may be. The APA is always such a fun gossip shop.

The best line I heard today was the following: "Let two stand for zero...". Only a philosopher could come up with such a line. This kind of thing is almost surreal.

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