Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weather Report

Well, today in Louisiana we will have our first hard freeze of the Winter. That means being below freezing for more than 8-10 hours. Having lived in many colder places, cold in Louisiana always amazes me. Stuff is so badly set up for it! I will run my taps though. I have lagged my pipes, so hopefully a plumber will not be needed in the morning.

When the weather gets chilly in this neck of the woods, I am always reminded by a wonderful song by my friend Mike. Mike West, who has been displaced by Katrina once wrote,

i’ve seen wind
tear trees up by their roots
i’ve seen hail
the size of my fist smash windows
and put holes in this roof
i’ve seen the river run high
and i’ve seen it run low
i’ve seen it rain
i’ve seen it flood
and now i’ve seen it snow
i’ve seen some things
you would not believe
like snow in new orleans
on christmas eve

The full lyrics can be found here. If you do not know Mike and his music, I recommend him and his music to you. Check out Http://www.mikewest.net for more information. I think that one day, if the world was just (which it is not), this song should be a Christmas hit.

Despite the chill, I will sleep well. This was a long day. I finished grading and working on my big talk after 11.30pm! Tommorrow will be another long day. The end of the semester can be tough. However, this is the job of a professor and a philosopher. Even when we are not teaching each day, we (should) work hard. I wonder what my useless, ersatz-professor alleged colleagues do with their time at this point in a semester? I will just work and sleep.

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