Saturday, December 09, 2006

The CP Has Left The Building...For Now

Well, folks, I have not posted too much in the last few days. It has been final exams, working on my big talk, grade grubber dealing and all sorts of other insanity, both related and unrelated to the end of the semester. I am about to go travelling to pretty, warm islands for stimulating meetings, followed by travels to other ancient and interesting places. This will be concluded by a trip to the Capital of the USA.

As with any long and complex trip, there is a great deal of organization that needs to be done, arrangements to be made and goodbyes to be said. For this reason, I will no longer be blogging, reading blogs, or commenting on blogs for quite a while. I know that connectivity on my trip may be a bit hit and miss too. I have always wondered why the most charming places always have bad connectivity. It could, of course, be a further part of the charm. Who needs the 'net in paradise? However, this makes my absence a practical necessity.

While I am away, keep thinking and keep combating stupidity (I'm counting on you!).

I wish you all a good version of whatever holiday your prefer at this time of year (I like Yule). If all goes well and according to plan, I will be back in the New Year. So, please check back then. Thanks for all the support.

The CP


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