Friday, December 22, 2006

The Capital Tour...Update

Although I intended to be silent for a while, the chance of high speed broadband for a night or two has motivated me to post an update on my travels.

I left home and flew to various places, including an ancient European capital city. There I changed planes to reach my Mediterranean island. Once I reached there, I stayed in the capital of the island, in a wonderful hotel. We were wined and dined very well during the meetings. The meetings were very productive and at times quite intense. Our hosts treated us excellently. A huge amount of important research material was discussed. To call the meeting intellectually stimulating is an understatement. Such high powered research has almost narcotic qualities. As a publisher is already under contract for the proceedings, others will have a chance to share in the heady intellectual work we all shared. This is good.

The one down side was that there was not too much time to see the area. Although I had visited that place before, it was many years ago. I did manage to walk up the hill to the castle to take in the view and also managed to tour a very ancient mountain village, once the meetings were over. When it was time to leave, I left for another capital city.

After a couple of days of down time (my first since the beginning of this month), I took at trip to another city. It was a capital city during Roman times. Now, I am in yet another capital city, of a minor country, visiting people I am close to.

After Christmas, I will fly back to the U.S. to Washington D.C., yet another capital. From thence I will finally make it home.

Thus, this trip has become a tour of capitals, both large and small, new and old. I had not anticipated this, when I began these travels. Yet, the cycle of the days still continues. The Solstice has past, but there are still many more festivals before I return home.

I wish you and yours the very best.

The CP


Blogger Tenured Radical said...

Happy holidays, CP, and thanks for all your help, encouragement & great posts this year.

Hope you are bringing a little Katrina sludge to dump on W's lawn.

best wishes for hte New Year,

Dr. Radical

10:38 AM  

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