Sunday, November 26, 2006

3 Years, 8 Months, 7 Days

Today is a shameful anniversary. As of today, the US has been in Iraq for exactly three years, eight months and seven days. Now, on the face of it, this number appears arbitrary. It is significant, though. This is exactly the amount of time that the US was involved in World War II. The differences between the two conflicts are startling. In World War II, Europe was liberated from Nazism during this time period. There appears to be nothing remotely similar that can be said about the current war in Iraq. In fact, the influence of the US in Iraq appears to have been almost entirely detrimental. Although Iraq may have had problems before the US invasion, it was not on the brink of civil war, as it is now. This is shameful.

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Blogger sonia said...

That's right, before US invasion, Iraq invaded its neighbors twice (Iran in 1979 and Kuwait in 1990), was perpetrating genocide against its Kurdish minority and sending money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. So before the invasion, Iraqis were killing their neighbors. Now they are only killing each other. In Middle Eastern terms, that's progress of sorts ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be fairly said that Saddam at least knew how to deal with his fellow countrymen and knew what they respected and what worked; murderous oppression.

The world now sees what these people are actually like and what they will do when someone else gives them the gift of freedom. They do not suddenly become happy, loving and prosperous people, but instead use the gift of freedom to murder and torture. Theirs is a sick and twisted society and culture and the world is seeing what one of these countries will do if given Western style freedom.

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