Thursday, August 02, 2007

Domestic Affairs And An Invitation

Today is a bit of a mess. I am having to sit at home and wait for my new refrigerator to be delivered. This means that I have to work from home, which makes me less efficient. However, it is a necessary evil.

The thing which I find a little strange is that I am actually quite excited at the prospect of the new fridge. This is a novel sensation for me. Never before in my life have I been excited about a domestic appliance before. I am not sure whether this is a symptom of my beginning to get older, or whether it is a reaction to the horrors of having to live out of an ice chest for a week. It really is amazing how having nothing but an ice chest to keep things cool in, makes life very difficult.

One reason I am excited about the new fridge is that it is much more efficient that the old one. Part of the reason this matters is, strangely enough, because of the potential for hurricanes in this neck of the woods. Some time ago, I bought a generator. Unfortunately, it was not powerful enough to run my old fridge. If a hurricane comes, then the power always goes out. Having food in fridges and freezers rot is one of the (many) unfortunate consequences of this. Now, I should be able to avoid this.

Earlier today, when I was just beginning my vigil waiting for the delivery of my new white goods, I got an unusual phone call. It seems that my University is undertaking an institutional review, that is being conducted by external consultants. For reasons I cannot fathom, our President has selected me to play in role in this process. This is rather outside the usual course of events.

As a rule, I am not too popular with many of the administration types. This is in part because I have a bad habit of asking awkward questions. I also tend to not accept what I am told, when it is completely implausible. This does not endear me to the suits. Now though, it seems they seem to think that I have something useful to offer. I naturally accepted the invitation. It should be interesting. I have never been mixed up in this kind of thing before.

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