Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Meetings and Former Students

Whew! Today was busy. Early this morning I had to go for my annual physical. The news was good. Apparently, I am extremely healthy. This is good to hear.

Later today, I had a meeting with the Provost. It was a very long meeting. Many topics were discussed. It seems that we may be able to get some action upon some standing problems in the next couple of weeks. Some rather clever redirecting of efforts may be able to deal with other issues. I have a new project to consider. It looks like the future could be quite rosy, if everything goes according to plan. We will have to wait and see.

Yesterday, I had a visit from a former student. They have graduated, but still keep in touch. I really rather like it when this happens, especially if the student is smart and conscientious. This particular student is both. She dropped by my office as I was catching up on e-mail and getting ready for class. She did not stay long. However, she brought with her a very funny gift. It was a tee shirt which has written across it "If I am talking, then you should be taking notes." I like this.

Actually, this particular student was one of the most conscientious note takers I have ever come across. I have no idea how many of the other students, who would miss class from time to time, managed to do well, due to this individual being willing to share their notes. As regular readers may have guessed, I am a big fan of note takers. Thank you. You know who you are. Should any of the other students from those classes read this. They will know too. Now I just have to figure out the strategically best time to unleash the tee shirt on the world.

This evening, I went and had dinner with another former student. They too have graduated. After making an initial bad call about grad school, they are working until the time is correct to apply somewhere else. I met with this student and a bunch of his co-workers and others. It was a fun and fascinating evening -- a very unusually mixed group, but it was a great time. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. I sure as hell did. I hope this group, or at least some subsections of this group, get together again soon and I get invited.

Thus, in the last couple of days we learn, (1) Living well has benefits that a physician can see, even if others cannot. (2) Sometimes the people who usually wear ties do not have all the blood cut off from their brains. (3) Teaching in a reasonable manner can lead to new items of clothing, and (4) Keeping in touch with former students and helping them out from time to time can open remarkable new vistas on life.

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