Sunday, February 25, 2007

Parties and Wind

So, the conference is over. There was an after party. Often times philosophy parties can be ultra 'nerd fests'. This one was not.

I got to chat to a literature person from an R-1. Apparently, our local comparative lit people are at least nearly 20 years out of date. Their views on racial issues are enough to make my informant laugh out loud, when I asked about certain thesis claims. This may explain why the students really dislike this whole area of discourse. It may be the case that they are more up to date than our 'deadwood'. Being so out of date could also explain why respectable journals will not accept their papers.

There was also some interesting information on the current goings on in epistemology. Our people who specialise on that stuff also appear to be totally out of it. So, the party was fun and academically useful. It seems that I may be getting some more talk invitations soon. It seems that folks liked my show.

The down side of this evening is the weather. The wind is blowing sufficiently hard that, sitting on an upper floor of a hotel, it makes a very loud whistling sound though the AC vents. Even inside my room, this wind is still very strong. Earlier today there were tornado warnings. Let us hope that this danger has now past.

I had a couple of other interesting experiences and encounters today, but as it is very late, I will not describe them in detail here. I need to think about a couple of things, but may well blog these things later. So, G'night from,

The CP


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