Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Quds force

So, we learn from ABC News [requires Javascript enabled] tonight, that there is a new group to fear, the 'Quds force'. The name allegedly means 'Jerusalem force'. According to this story, this outfit is "...a group of secret agents and hit men." These individuals only answer to Iranian religious leaders. Sounds scary, doesn't it?

There is a reference to the Quds force on an Israeli terrorism information site. There is also a Wikipedia entry, under the spelling 'Qods force'. Google throws up a bunch of other references.

Apparently these are very elite dangerous people. They have been 'linked' to all sorts of bad events. They are also 'believed to be behind', various atrocities. They are fanatics, of course. Just lately, they are suspected of supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents. This is all the kind of stuff to strike fear in to the hearts of honest Americans.

There is a problem, though. I just do not believe it! How many times have we heard about terrible, scary, shadowy groups who are hell bent on doing unspeakable wrongs against peace loving peoples, of late? Who can forget Saddam's supposed weapons of mass destruction. They keep finding members of Al Qaeda, although bin Laden remains elusive. We live in a terrifying world.

The problem I am having is that I am now too tired of being mislead and lied to. I have simply lost the capacity to accept the latest bunch of supposed bogey men that the large media corporations and the Whitehouse wish us to be scared of. I have lost the capacity to worry about Quds force, or Qods force, or whatever these people are called.

No doubt I am wrong about all this. Any second now, hundreds of armed Quds force members will be causing havoc in my neighbourhood. Somehow, I doubt that this will happen though. My bet is that this is just a media led softening exercise to prepare us for some more war, this time in Iran. It follows an all too familiar pattern.

Sorry though, it is time to count me out. I quit. I am turning off my TV. Call me when this perpetual war is over (if it ever is).

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