Monday, September 11, 2006

Also Today...

Today, the media is having a field day. What folks tend to forget is that other notable things have happened on the 11th of September. Consider:

- Many Millions of People will have their birthdays. Notable people born today include,
* D. H. Lawrence (1885)
* Theodore Adorno (1903)
* Ferdinand Marcos (1917)

- This is also a notable date for deaths. Notable people who died today include,
* G. D. Cassini (1712)
* Nikita Khrushchev (1971)
* Peter Tosh (1988)

- In addition, there are a wide range of other notable and important events that occurred today.
* Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island (1609)
* The Battle of Brandywine began (1777)
* The first newspaper cartoon strip appeared (1875)
* The US invaded Honduras (1919)
* Fatty Arbuckle was arrested (1921)
* FDR dedicated the dam, now known as the Hoover Dam (1936)
* Bob Dylan's first performance in New York City (1961)
* Dow Jones Industrial Average falls the furthest ever in a single day (1986)
* Continental Express plane crash in Houston kills 14 people (1991)
* The US Congress releases the Starr Report (1998)

- Today is also New Year's Day in Ethiopia.

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