Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Bought An Axe Today.

I don't know if this post will ever see the light of day. My net connection has been flakey of late and is even worse today.

I really did go out and buy an axe today. So what? I am sure you are thinking. The reason I bought the axe was to put it in my attic. I am afraid to admit that I was feeling rattled by the hurricane/tropical storm Ernesto. Having an axe in the attic is a purely superstitious act, but somehow I feel a little bit safer. Should an utterly improbable sequence of events take place and a monster hurricane hit at just the wrong spot, then I will now be able to cut through my roof, if there is really bad flooding.

What is so odd is that I am not usually too worried by hurricanes. I have been through a few. Somehow this year, after last year, I'm more jumpy. This really surprises me. I'm not usually a nervous individual, yet as I was working today and as I went out for a walk, all the time I had this nagging thought '...what if...I wish I had an axe'. I tried to think about the next 'World of Words' post, but the thought kept on distracting me. So, eventually I just went out and bought an axe. I feel a lot more comfortable now, even though I know it does not make any sense.

Last year, we had some impact from the storms, but nothing too major. In fact, evacuees were more of an issue than the weather. I gave up my house to a displaced family. The circumstances through which I rode out Rita are no longer available. Rita caused me minor damage. Really, nothing should have changed. If there is a system in the Gulf of Mexico, one should just keep an eye and get on with life. This time though, I felt the need to go and buy an axe for my attic. I guess this shows that, despite all my bravado, last year changed me. Good knows how much it must have changed others, more directly effected by the storms.

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Blogger Clampett said...

Hey, If it makes you feel comfortable and it's not harmful, Why not?

6:05 PM  
Blogger Clampett said...

the boy scout motto comes to mind:

Be Prepared

6:05 PM  

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