Saturday, September 09, 2006

War and Attitudes

As the 5th anniversary of the attacks of the 11th of September draws near, the various political propaganda machines are moving into high gear. The Whitehouse wants to persuade us of the importance of the War in Iraq as a means of combating terrorism. This is despite the fact that, almost at the same time, a senate panel is claiming that there is no connection between Iraq and al-Qaida. Thus, the war of 'Words of mass deception' continues. To add to the fun, The New York Times is reporting that the ABC Network is getting itself all in a tizzy, due to their attempting to show a mini-series about the attacks that contained some fictionalized blatant pro-Republican and anti-Democrat propaganda (the story can be found here. It is all rather sickening. Given that the number of US citizens killed in Iraq is now greater than the number of people in the World Trade Center, levels of cynicism are now, quite naturally, reaching transcendental levels. News Flash: Most people have bullshit detectors!

Perhaps what is a little more interesting was a survey about public attitudes that was recently conducted in Louisiana. Some of the questions and results are fascinating, so I will summarize them here.

Question: Do you believe the War on Terror has reduced the threat of terrorism in the United States?

No 73%
Yes 25%
Not Sure 2%

Interestingly enough, when the same question was asked about threat reduction outside the US, 76% of people said 'No'.

Question: Do you believe the war in Iraq has reduced or increased the threat of terror in the United States?

Increased 69%
Reduced 20%
Not Sure 11%

When the question was repeated concerning threats outside the US, 71% of people claimed that the threats had increased.

Question: Do you approve of George W. Bush's handling of the War on Terror?

No 63%
Yes 33%
Not Sure 4%

I think that these results give a pretty clear picture of the way people feel about these issues. Given these facts, why don't the powers that be quit trying to justify an unpopular, unjust and illegal war and instead deal with more important issues. For instance, just one months war spending, if rediverted to reconstruction and levee rebuilding, could solve the current and problems of Katrina and Rita victims, and ensure the future safety of New Orleans and the coastal Parishes of Louisiana. What happens though? We get more propaganda. Remember this when it comes time to vote.

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