Monday, October 29, 2007

Oops, Busy

I suddenly realise that I have been ignoring this blog. The past few weeks have been beyond hectic. I blog when I have time. Of late I have had none.

Last weekend and much of last week I was away from home at a conference. It was wonderful, stimulating and fun, but left little spare time -- on one day we had twelve hours of sessions, with only two hours long breaks. We did get to see the Space Shuttle launch though, which was fun.

The weekend before that, I had to play a role at a local event. It seems my activities were appreciated. Next weekend, I will have to play the role of a town crier at another local event. It seems that having a loud voice is appreciated in some quarters. There is even talk that I might get appointed town crier for the place that I live. This could be curious, but yet more time consuming.

The conference trip was hectic, as I had to put together an entirely new talk. It is done now. It went well. However, I need to catch up on stuff. I have a good friend who is in jail. I owe him several letters. He is important and has very little, so I will make writing to him a priority. I also have to return a manuscript to the journal that accepted it. The changes are minor and bibliographic. However, this has a short deadline, so it too will have to be attended to very soon. The book chapter that is due at the end of the year, is next in line behind the obligations just mentioned.

So, this is a long way of saying that The Combat Philosopher is currently somewhat hors de combat. This should be a temporary state of affairs though. I'll be back. I, at the very least, intend to post at least once a week from now on, until I can get back to a more rapid schedule. Sorry to all.

The CP.


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