Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Great Net Music Source...

I feel bad. I have not been paying sufficient attention to this blog of late. There are a bunch of reasons for this. The new semester is only part of it. It is not like I have not been thinking about this blog. I have some great ideas and research for a bunch more posts. However, writing posts takes free, or spare time. Time like this is something I have increasingly little of at the moment. This is a good thing in general, but bad for the blog, so stay with me a while.

However, today I ran across something that I really want to share. It seems that there is a new Internet music service available. It is located at I strongly recommend it (N.B. you will need to enable JavaScript). There are many full songs available free at this place. No registration. No bullshit. Just good music for free. It is also totally legal, due to an interesting deal having been stuck in France. Check this place out!

That being said, the interface is a bit clunky. It may take a few screen to find the artist you want. The search function can be a bit hit, or miss, but digging through the menus can usually find most bands a person might want. Some artists have complete albums available (e.g Jethro Tull). Others (e.g. Joy Division and Big Country) only have a few tracks from each album. Any which way, it is a great resource. As I type this, I have Salif Keita playing. Enjoy! More 'normal' postings soon, I promise.

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