Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tropical Storm Humberto -- Here We Go Again...

So, although 2006 was a quiet year in the Gulf of Mexico for tropical activity, it seems that the tropical 'fun' is back with us. As I write, Tropical Storm Humberto is about to pay a visit to Louisiana and Texas. We are back in the storm track again. The current radar tracking can be found here. It looks like things are going to get wet. Of course, where will get wet, will have to be seen. It is not a serious threat from winds and storm surge, but there will be a great deal of rain.

Further to the East is Tropical Depression 8. It is too early to tell where it will go as yet, but we have learned in this part of the world to keep a weather eye. Over the years and the storms, I have learned that some weather sites are better than others. My personal favorite is The Weather Underground. Jeff Master's Blog is especially worth reading.

So, as I work on the paper I have under contract, the talk I have to give next month, in addition to teaching my classes, I will be keeping an eye on the weather. This is life in Louisiana at a University (or at least, a 'university style' institution) during the late Summer Hurricane season. I love the research. I quite like the teaching. I am somewhat hot and cold on the incompetence of many administrators and all too many of the faculty. However, at least the weather is interesting. Let us hope that it is not too interesting. In New Orleans these days, when wandering around and taking to the locals, they have a saying -- "Katrina has a sister." A visit from a powerful hurricane would be one way of spelling 'too interesting'.

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