Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Miscellany

* There is an amazing post over at Bill Quigley's site. It seems that the post-hurricane chaos continues. According to the post, Community Development Block Grant fund stands at $10.4 billion, yet despite this fact, only 18 homeowners have received assistance through this program out of the 77,000 homeowners who have applied. Despite this fact, $200 million of these funds have been given to Entergy New Orleans, the power company. Quigley's post discusses other ridiculous wastes of money going on in the hurricane effected areas. It seems that large corporations are the main beneficiaries of the various relief programs. This is both sick and sad. It is no surprise that in Louisiana during the recent elections the Republicans all held their seats, bucking the National trend. It seems that Republican style 'business as usual', will continue to hold back this State for awhile longer yet.

* Apparently, the Marine Corps. 'Toys for Tots' program has had an offer of a donation of 4000 Jesus dolls, that spout scripture. The story is covered here. Initially, the Marines turned down the offer, for fear that these dolls might end up in Jewish or Muslim homes. However, according to our local news people, the Marines have had a change of heart now and will be accepting the donation. I predict that some poor (both literally and metaphorically) kids will have a pretty bad Christmas, because of this.

* Finally, we move to the world of the silly, for those who have time to kill on the web. The site has an amusing list of challenges. I was especially impressed by the 'Kids Toys For Grown-Ups'entries. Enjoy!

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