Saturday, October 21, 2006

Requiem for Clampett

Some time ago, one of my favorite bloggers quit blogging. He quit blogging after an especially nasty attack from members of the blog crew I have named the The Poison Girls. This blogger was Clampett. I had hoped that he would return to blogging, after a respite. I discovered today that, instead, he has deleted his blog entirely.

This is a huge shame. Clampett was a bright young man with eclectic interests and excellent questions. However, asking questions was his undoing. The Poison girls do not permit their [insane] world view to be questioned. I do not know why he deleted his blog, or whether he will appear again under another name. I really hope so. Very few blogs get the honor of being linked to this one. Clampett made the cut. So, it is with sadness I edit my template and delete Clampett's bad link.

I really hope that The Poison Girls are happy with their efforts. As some of them claim academic credentials, I just hope that they treat their students better.

I will light a candle and mourn a lost friend. I just wonder how many other Clampetts are no longer out there too. It is all very sad.

The CP


Anonymous James Dupree said...

Its a shame that the Poison girls felt the need to attack what they were apparently too incompetent to understand. (If any of you P.G. armchair purveyors of hemlock read this...can't you just feel the love streaming from my keyboard?)
I had only recently discovered Clampett's blog & enjoyed his take on things. Sadly, I only discovered it after he quit blogging. It really is a shame.

2:13 AM  

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