Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FEMA Foolishness, Goddamn

I recently ran across the news story in the Orlando Sentinel that really annoyed me. The story described the antics of FEMA in Florida. Apparently, FEMA is putting on puppet shows and running bingo games there. Read the story. It should make your blood boil. It did mine.

This story really annoyed me at two levels:

First, there are still many people in the State of Louisiana who are suffering from the profound negligence of FEMA. Indeed, they are now no longer prepared to pay all the costs of debris removal in the Parishes impacted by Hurricane Rita, yet they are hunting for hurricane victims elsewhere, to play games with? This is positively sickening. This does not even begin to raise the issues of those displaced people from New Orleans and the surrounding Parishes living in tiny FEMA trailers, or those still forced to live many miles away from their homes.

Second, as a tax payer, it gauls me that Federal money should be wasted on such frivolity. There are plenty of better uses that this cash could be put to. While I am not talking about starting more wars, I do have in mind things like education, health care and levee building. This objection should resonate even with folks outside Louisiana.

I would write more, but the huge sense of indignation prevents me from saying anything more that might be considered coherent.

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