Sunday, October 08, 2006

To The Country

So, this weekend involved a run away from town, to the country. First, wandering and looking at antique country stuff was on the agenda. Although there was nothing that actually totally transfixed, a new location with good stuff and unbelievable deals was discovered. This place will be visited again.

Next, was a run to the lake to see if the 'gators were out. They were not, but there were lots of other fun critters. Also, an examination of an odd European style folly was undertaken. More local folklore will need to be investigated to get to the bottom of this one. Whilst at the lake, a discussion of Jack O' the Green was begun. The question became, who does this job in Louisiana? The consensus view that this role was played by 'Bubba-foot'. This conclusion caused great mirth to all.

After this, we went to another small town to listen to a great Creole band play in the street. We laughed and drank cold, cold beer, even though the weather was not too hot for once. This was followed by further relaxation.

The country experience was concluded by a steaming meal of hot and very fresh vegetable and beef soup and hot fresh bread. It was flavorful, succulent and filling. It would have been food for the soul, were such things to exist.

Trips to the country can refresh the spirit. This is good to remember.

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