Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Fall

ToastedSuzy has posted a poem called The Fall. Along with the poem comes a suggestion that others should post poems, or other stuff about Fall, in order to create a 'movement'. So, here is my attempt to become part of the 'movement',

The Fall

There is a season called Fall,
When genitals tend to grow small.
Along with Jack Frost,
Virility is lost,
By all those trips to the Mall!

I challenge anyone else to do more to lower the tone of the movement. A literary commentator has remarked about this 'work'.

"Of course, although this poem adopts the classic form of the limerick, it also alludes to traditional autumnal themes like Jack Frost, in juxtaposition to contemporary cultural edifices, such as the Mall. This juxtaposition serves to highlight the emasculating forces, described by the speaker in the second line. These themes underscore the latent urban disaffection of the speaker, as they come to terms with the alienating post-modern influence on their personhood." [Continues on in this vein for pages and pages -- Note to self: Add obligatory references to Stanley Fish and Derrida].

Please feel free to use the comments section for further 'literary analysis'.

Toasty, can I get an A in English yet? ;)

The CP


Blogger ToastedSuzy said...


You so totally get an A. You are in the wrong department, my friend!

Where the hell were you when I was teacing that Red Wheel Barrow poem?


9:17 AM  

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