Saturday, June 09, 2007

Something For The Weekend -- BOFH!

The weekend is upon us. The weather with us is getting vile. The temperatures are in the nineties and the humidity is high. The Louisiana Summer weather is beginning to bite.

If you are looking for some entertainment this weekend, I have a suggestion 'BOFH'. This is short for The 'Bastard Operator From Hell'. This is a series of short stories that are available on the web site of The Register. BOFH is written by Simon Travaglia.

The basic premise behind BOFH is that the BOFH is the head computer techie for some company. He also has his side-kick, The PFK (Pimply Faced Kid). Often these two work in concert, however not always. They scheme and plot against various enemies, which frequently include their Boss and the Head of IT.

The methods of the BOFH and the PFK are largely hacker tricks, designed to enable them to get money, equipment and drinks. They are not too inclined to ethical behaviour. Troublesome persons may find themselves having their accounts and data deleted, being electrocuted and finding themselves in other problematic situations, courtesy of the BOFH.

A large archive, containing several years worth of BOFH storeys can be found here. Older storeys (going back to the year 2000) can be found by scrolling down. Older storeys going back to 1995 can be found here.

Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia entry for the BOFH is actually pretty good and accurate. Should you have an interest in things technical, then I strongly recommend the BOFH to you. The storeys are pretty funny and can be quite addictive to read.

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