Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sitting On The Porch

As I wrote the earlier post, I was sitting on my porch. This is one of the joys of a wireless connection.

At this time of year in Louisiana, the weather is lovely. It was warm, but not too hot today. It is somewhat humid, but not obnoxiously so. Sitting on the porch in the evening in Louisiana is a Spring tradition and one I very much approve of.

One of the reasons that I especially like sitting on my porch, is because of the neighbourhood I live in. It is an old part of town. The history can be traced back until before the Civil War. This means that the houses are well built, if not always well painted. They are also architecturally interesting.

One of the nice features of my neighbourhood is that it is demographically extremely mixed, in terms of race, age and to some extent, economic status. I much prefer this to the Whitebread areas other people I know live in. It also makes the parade of characters who walk past, much more interesting. That is another nice thing about the area, people still walk here, rather than drive. We are also not near any busy, or noisy roads. However, we are close to the train tracks, so we get the occasinal train. Somehow, although the trains can be noisy, it is not as intrusive as traffic.

As I was sitting out there earlier, various people I knew passed by. Almost everyone says 'hello'. Then there are the local kids on their bikes. They race each other, swooping round and around. In some sense, the kids resemble the birds that fly around in a similar manner, at this time of day.

A little later, I took a stroll through my neighbourhood. I too like to walk. It gave me a chance to see the people I know. Many of them were out on their porches. From time to time, I would have brief conversations. I would hear the news. People would tell me their ideas, then I would move on.

The institution of the porch, especially at this time of year, in Louisiana is a wonderful one. As the weather gets hotter, the porches will soon have to be abandoned, left only to the extremely hardy, those with broken A/C and smokers. However, right now, the porch is the very best place to pass sometime, as the sun goes down.

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Anonymous Toasty Sue said...

Wow! I was just trying to get my thoughts on the idea vs. object post, and you're already two posts ahead of me.

I'm a slow thinker is my problem. Especially in spring.

Sounds like a lovely neighborhood you live in.

9:32 PM  

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