Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On Suburbia And Comments

Well, today was a bit of a road trip day. I have an interview in the morning in the Big City. In theory, I could get here in the morning (albeit by leaving at an ungodly hour). However I do not trust Mr. Murphy and the God's of the Interstate. Thus, I elected to come today and am festering in a hotel.

The drive was quite nice. For some reason, there seem to be many birds of prey hovering close to the highway. They were interesting to look at and NPR kept me company. The hotel though is very mediocre. I am sure that it costs much more than my one in Memphis, but it is not nearly as nice. This is a shame. The thing that is really odd though is being in manifest suburbia.

After a drive, I like to walk. This is not easy here. I am in a world designed for automobiles. Where I can get (without driving) is proscribed by mutli-lane roads full of traffic, without even the pretense of a pedestrian crossing. I can see a nice looking book shop, with a cafe, that I would like to visit, but it is simply impossible. Indeed, even trying to get there by car looks like quite a daunting prospect.

On my walk earlier, I discovered that there was a K-mart and a grocery store quite close to the hotel, which could be reached without risking premature termination by traffic. As there was little else to do I took a look. However, I first had to cross the parking lot that was larger than several football fields. When I got to K-mart, the place was also huge and very full of stuff, but almost entirely devoid of people. Between each row of merchandise, was enough space to drive a truck. I left rapidly. It was scary.

I then took a trip to the grocery store. This I was pleased to see, as I had forgotten toothpaste. It too was huge. I decided, as a decadent act, to buy some potato chips. This was not a good plan. Bags came in sizes ranging from large to profoundly massive. I bought the smallest I could. There is still enough fat in this single packet to refurbish an entire whale.

As you may have guessed by now, I am not a fan of suburbia. I prefer smaller places, where people can see each other, rather than just drive by one another. I hate the concrete and the 'corporateness' of it all. I will be going home tomorrow. I will be glad.


It was nice to see a couple of comments come in. Thanks Veronica. I can see all the people reading, from the connection logs. It would be nice to hear from you all, once in a while.

I was especially impressed by the comment left by Jeff B. on my report on my blog experiment posting. It speaks well that outfits such as GolinHarris are prepared to explain their activities and motivations, and even enter into some kind of dialogue. It is almost enough to give me greater faith in my fellow man...if I were not stuck in goddamn suburbia!

The CP


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