Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday and Thunder

Monday is a pretty tough day in Combat Philosopher land. In addition to my regular classes, I also teach a three hour graduate level class. It is a great class, with a large number of good grad students, but it leaves me tired. Once a month, on a Monday evening, I also attend a Board meeting for a non-profit organisation that I am involved in. Today was one of those evenings. This make it an even longer day.

After I got home, when the meeting had finished, I turned on the TV. My Tivo had saved the news for me. From the news, I learned that there is a substantial storm front coming though. We also have a tornado watch posted.

As I write, I am very tired. However, I can hear the distant crash of thunder. I love a good storm, provided it is not a hurricane and it does not bring a tornado. Having looked at the Doppler radar, I think we should be safe from tornadoes tonight. Thus, I will get to fall asleep to the crash of thunder. It is a strong and strange lullaby.

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