Saturday, February 03, 2007

Philosophy Web Resources

From time to time, I spend a while looking at how people find this blog. It is quite an interesting process. However, I realise that I have been negligent in certain ways. Many people find this blog looking for information on philosophical topics. I do not provide any information for such individuals. In this post, I will remedy this.

Should you be looking for a web site with wonderful philosophical resources, there is only one place to look, Epistemelinks. This is the best philosophical resource on the Internet currently, and has been for quite a while. Assiduous readers may have noted the many links to this resource I have posted here.

The fellow who runs this resource is someone I know, at least in the sense that anyone knows anyone on the Internet. Indeed, he has even conferred on me an award, for one of my other Internet related activities.

This site now has a link to Philosophy blogs. Check it out here. This blog is not listed, but I have submitted the necessary form. We shall see what happens.

However, I am a little puzzled about the oddity of anonymous blogging and writing to people one knows using another 'voice'. It is kind of weird. As a certain subsection of the blog community seem to be Internet bullies, nut jobs, or people living out an elaborate fantasy life, which bears no relation to their actual life, I can see how they may wish to hide their identities. However, although I prefer to write without a connection to my real world identity, it is a strange experience.

So, check out Epistemelinks. It is a wonderful resource. I will have to mull over the identity issues some more. I will add a link to my template though.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought on the "anonymous" postings - perhaps if it is positive, the person is wanting to offer support without requiring recognition and as for the negative comments, the person has not yet found the courage of his/her convictions to make a public stand - I think this can apply no matter what age you may be. Of course the positive comments can come from the same point of not yet having courage to speak his/her mind - even if it is complimentary. Just a thought.

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