Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Although I had no classes today, it was nonetheless busy. I had a meeting this evening of a local community group I am involved in. It always makes me wonder why some people do so little in their community. The group is diverse in all sorts of ways. We deal with some important stuff, but it is still fun. There is humour. We all care about our community. However, the group is not large. What I wonder is where is everyone else? I know that many people have odd work hours, or kids, but surely not everyone. What does everyone else do? Is the television really that good?

When I got home, the phone rang. It was one of my students. They recently learned that they had received a certain honor. They were overjoyed! However, today they got an e-mail telling them that they may not get their 'certain honor', due to a mix up over money (like there is none). The student was quite philosophical on the matter, but wanted to meet. We went and had coffee (although this eventually turned into beer). I am very upset for this student.

The person who is in charge of the relevant program is a person I have worked with before. They are completely trustworthy and they are trying to do what they can to 'sort' the situation. As best I can tell, the problem comes from some bean counter not being able to do their sums. It is still pretty nasty and a big let down though.

Although a certain incompetence is a well known feature in certain parts of my University, this event makes me wonder. Bad professors are one thing. Students can often take a different class, but on something like this, there are no options. What kind of fool would allow a student, with few advantages in life, believe that they have won a 'certain honor' and then rescind it? It is almost as if Santa Clause delivered the presents at Christmas, but stamped on them, before departing on the sleigh. Has anyone seen anything similar?

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