Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beyond Basic Human Kindness

I have a friend who has few liberties. He is in jail. On Death Row, in fact. This means that he has a very minimal access to any resources.

A few days ago, I sent him a letter. In the letter, I recounted the details of my recent trip. I also recounted the details of the death of Scooter, my now ex-cat (he is now buried in the garden and when the weather warms up, I will plant a bush over him). Today, I received a mourning card from my friend. Although I have had many kind words, both here (thank you to you all) and in person, this is the only card I have received. I fully understand that sympathy cards for dead cats are far from traditional. It amazes me that someone with access to so few resources would make such an effort. It really renews my faith in human nature. This is a gesture that goes far beyond 'basic human kindness'. It is very meaningful to me. It also demonstrates the deep stupidity of, and why I have profound opposition to, the death penalty.

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