Saturday, January 20, 2007

Children In The Academy

So, I am afraid that it is a bit of almost Vogon Poetry for today. Sorry.

Mondays child falls asleep in meetings.
Tuesdays child has classes full of cheating.
Wednesdays child has their tenure file due.
Thursdays child believes they are a kangaroo.
Fridays child got tenure, hardly publishing a thing.
Saturdays child in on sabbatical (again), in Beijing.
But the child that is born a real faculty member,
publishes too many papers for anyone to remember!

It seems that the lit types like to post poems on a Friday. For fun (sorry again), I thought that I would briefly join this movement. If you want to see good modern poetry, I would strongly recommend John Cooper Clark. He is my favorite living poet. He is both funny and acerbic. Enjoy.
The CP


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