Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm Done!

Well, the horrors of the end of semester grading marathon are finished. My last grade was posted a little while ago. This semester has been especially difficult, for reasons I cannot fathom. For your amusement, here are some of the more amusing stories from the real world of a philosophy professor.

Student A, a graduating senior, came down with some evil infectious malady and missed the final, to avoid infecting the class. After several phone calls we worked out a solution. Now, he just has to get the two professors without phones or e-mail addresses to give him grades and a break. This is all so this guy can go get killed in Iraq...Sheesh!

Student B, another graduating senior, had his appendix out mid to late semester. Unfortunately, my useless colleague gave him a poor grade on a required course, poor enough to stop him graduating. He needs to graduate. The Chair could help, but he doesn't feel that he can (for God knows what reason). As the professor in question does not accept any excuses in his course (including major surgery), the only hope is the Dean. As this is my student, I will have to make some calls in the morning...goddamn

Student C, yet another graduating senior, handed in a paper that clearly was not written by him/her. I busted his/her arse. They will now not graduate. They were pretty cool about it, but what a waste...Holy Shit

Student D, sent their paper late and by e-mail. In their e-mail, the said that they were sorry that the paper was not properly formatted, but I could probably do it reasonably easily. Do I look like the office staff?...Lordy, sing goddamn

On the up side, one student made a mistake with their spell checker. The word 'ask' was replaced throughout by the word 'ass'. At least this produced a belly laugh! faints

So, I am too tired to write more. I also have to be up early tomorrow to deal with government flavored stupidity. I'll try and write a more inspiring blog soon, when I have cleansed myself from the semester horrors. To those who are still in the Horrors of grading, keep in mind it will come to an end and there will be a cold beer waiting, even though you will fall asleep from exhaustion before you are able to drink it!

The CP


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