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Student Housing

The amusement for this week is that the students are complaining. Apparently, some of them live in a place developed by Capstone Development Corp. Problems with this place is now a popular form of excuse. So, I did a bit of digging to find out who these folks are, and how they behave. What can I say? My God, it sounds like these people run grade one zoos! I am not too sure about what to do with my students who have to live in these Capstone Gulags, but here are some amusing comments from their residents (N.B. Quoted ratings come from

Comments From Residents of Capstone Developments Properties

University Commons Apartments, Eugene, OR.-- Overall Rating: Recommended by 0.0%

"The neighbor (sic) are loud 24-7 and management doesn't do anything. The emergency call buttons are took at least 15-minutes for anyone to respond and the management never did. This place is the worst place to live. I hate it here and I can't wait to move out. If it didn't cost so much to break a lease I would have months ago."”

Anonymous (Source:

"“The first month we lived here the trash area was a complete mess. The trash pile was over 5 feet high and span over a 10x10 square. Had to call the health department to get it cleaned up. Every week I am having to call to make noise complaints from noisy neighbors partying until 4am...In one week, 23 cars were stolen. My brand new bike was stolen within a week of moving in. Theft is high in this area. Just stay away from here for your own good."”

Anonymous (Source:

"“I lived here for a year during my Senior year as a U of O student. What a horrible mistake it turned out to be. Most nights there were extremely loud parties until 4 a.m., the police showing up to break up fights as things often escalated."

Anonymous (Source:

University Commons Apartments, Gainsville, FL. -- Overall Rating: Recommended by 31.0%

"“...We constantly have bugs, roaches to spiders, to sink nats! We have gaps under the sinks that bugs travel in and out of. They help tow trucks make money, I know at least 8 different people who have gotten their car towed, even if you rent here it could be towed and you still have to pay!...If you want to live in a noisy, rude and nasty place...this is for you."”

Anonymous (Source:

"“The place is a joke, The office staff sucks. The kids who live here are rapist and a**holes. My roommate got raped by someone who lived in building C while living here and they wouldn't let her out of her lease and they didn't kick the kid out.. This place is a dump.. PARENTS BEWARE"”

Anonymous, (Source:

"“...They don't control the parties here, so if you have a noise complaint, save your breath and just call the Alachua County Sheriff's Dept. and have a cop come out instead. They come quickly and are efficient b/c they LOVE busting up the parties. And then you can finally sleep!Â"

Anonymous (Source:

"“I have lived here for only one month and I am sicker than I have ever been. When it rains, our windows leak. Besides damdaging (sic) our property, it makes mold grow all over our house and I am constantly sneezing, coughing, and hacking up phlegm...There is NO storage space. Loud people at the pool outside my window will yell and scream until 3:00 AM I'm serious, consider every other option before moving here. These guys will tow you, your friends, your mother, even Jesus at anytime of ANY day. My boyfriend got towed on SUNDAY MORNING! Who tows on Sunday morning? He even had a visitor parking pass! My mother got towed because she was here cleaning my apartment of BLACK MOLD! They lure you in with a tour of a nice looking apartment, and the one you get will be nothing like it. The pool water looks milky.Â"

Anonymous (Source:

University Commons Apartments, College Station, TX.-- Overall Rating: Recommended by 29.0%

"“Would you like your car broken into? Ok if you are like any other person I would guess that NO you would not like your car broken into and have eveything (sic) including your backpack stolen. That is exactley what happened to me. Then a couple of nights later, I kid you not, 20 cars were vandalized. Someone actually took a bat to my friends truck and made a hole the size of a watermelon in the side of it! To top it all off the managment told us they were not going to do anything about all of the break ins and refuse to higher any security.Â"

Anonymous, (Source:

"“...Everything around you is a facade. There is no peace here: Any moment could be a moment when you hear a loud noise from your immature neighbors, any morning could be the morning you find your car gone (towed), any meal can be the infested with ants. Theres just no end to the madness. You've been warned.Â"

Anonymous, (Source:

"“Be ready to deal with freshman/sophomore idiots who think it is time to act like jackasses just because they don't live with Mommy anymore. I had a neighbor who smoked pot all the time and the smoke would come through the vent into my apts. After MANY complaints to him and the management, I finally called the police and they got arrested. But, did the mgmt kick them out? NO!Â"

Anonymous, (Source:

Wow! I guess the students really have things to complain about!

The CP


Blogger Professor Zero said...

lol! we don't have one of these at my place yet, but i heard similar comments about capstone/ university comments when i worked in the midwest.

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