Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Blog Begins

So, this is a first attempt at blogging. If you have just found this and are reading for the first time, then here are the kinds of issues and topics that you can expect to find covered here:

- Politics (National)
- Politics (Louisiana)
- Irresponsible actions by large corporations
- Strategies for dealing with bad companies and organisations
- Reasoning (especially public examples of bad reasoning)
- Cognitive Science
- Technology (especially computers/open source stuff)
- Philosophy
- Creationism/Intelligent design (why these are dumb)
- Religion (Why this is worse than Crack-cocaine)
- Anything else that comes to mind.

So, the next obvious question is 'Who the hell is this 'Combat Philosopher'? I don't want to give away too much, at least not to begin with. However, I am employed professionally as a philosopher. I have an extensive post-graduate education. So, I know (or at least should know) what I am talking about! ;)

So now you know this much, come back soon and see whether I live up to my promises...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Combat Philosopher, you are not living up to your promises! Time to BLOG! -Your Friend.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Professor Zero said...

Your profile has now been viewed 24 times, so it isn't as though people aren't reading this.

If you don't want to blog on immigration, you can blog on secession. Or should I?

2:34 AM  

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